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    Did You Know: Improving your attic insulation could have a greater impact on your home comfort and energy costs than you might think.

Why Greencat?

Greencat is not your average California home performance contractor — we pair our broad range of specialties, certifications, and licenses with our extensive building science knowledge to create whole home solutions that are customized to your home's unique challenges and needs. The experts at Greencat specialize in:

Do you know what's in the air you are breathing in your own home? Controlling the air that moves in and out of your living space will increase your indoor air quality, making your home a healthier place to live.

Get rid of your indoor drafts, and inconsistent temperatures from room to room, floor to floor, by sealing the air leaks that are hidden in your home and upgrading to more effective insulation materials.

When your home is leaky and uninsulated, your heating and cooling system are wasting energy to keep up with your thermostat settings. Save energy (and money) when you improve your home where it needs it most.

No two homes are exactly alike. Greencat takes every precaution to evaluate your home with care and accuracy, which means you get a home improvement solution that is customized to your unique needs.

Did you know there are rebates available to help reduce the cost of your home performance upgrades? We are up to date on the most lucrative rebates available to homeowners, and can help you qualify for the maximum amount of savings.

Knowledge and Experience

Greencat is not your average HVAC or insulation contractor. Our team of home performance professionals are specifically trained, certified, and licensed to locate and fix the unseen “forces” that are hiding in your home, threatening your year round home comfort and energy efficiency.

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Very hardworkers, professional and nice, did the work without any problem. Great customer service, neat. I would use their service again and would refer them to friends and family.

- Temeka L.

Thank you so much. Service that was provided was done excellent. Very happy and satisfied.

- Teresa P.

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